Antemina Construction builds better buildings through quality construction services. Antemina’ s uncompromising philosophy to provide better construction results through quality construction services has remained constant throughout our 40+ years of work. Our methods, however, continue to evolve as we seek to fulfill this commitment in today’s world.
Today, owner and builder must work as a team, communicating and combining needs and experience throughout the entire construction process.
Together, we must work as a team in the following areas:
• Safety
• Cost Containment
• Manpower resource Leveling
• CPM Scheduling
• Building Information Modeling
• Procurement & Expediting
• Documentation
• Lean Construction
• Equipment Installation
• Quality Assurance
• Labor Relations
• Management Information Systems
• Field Supervision
• Risk Management
• Sustainable Construction 
Today’s buildings require a sophisticated approach toward construction service delivery. Find out today how Antemina can provide quality construction services that build better buildings!

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